The Fires of Red


“If one is forced into a hell, one shall act as a devil.”

Rivastones City.

A sprawling squalor rife with violence, trafficking, larceny, corruption. The rich reside in apathy above the poor. The police and the politicians make their fortunes by gazing the other way. Narcotic-crazed gangs plague the slums where rumour and myth, or murmurs, suffocate truth.

A near-silent girl they call Red traverses the guts of this city on a scorching evening. Nerves are high. Tensions simmer. And when old rivalries between two legendary gangsters resurface, her life is thrown into deathly peril.

Decades earlier, a man named Fate works to become Rivastones City’s most powerful ganglord. Yet his actions breed the adversity of his daughter, Red, and threaten the soul of his mother, Adara.

Khalid Patel’s shuddering neo-noir epic, The Fires of Red, melds introspective drama, crime saga and hyper-real action. A prose of savage beauty carries the pace of a hunted prey. The stark dialogue of Stones-Speak establishes an eerie, drug-rattled world.

A nightmarish depiction of sociopolitical decay, a dissection of gang life, an exploration of a perishing city, The Fires of Red is a haunting narrative of tripwire intensity, featuring two of the most compelling female characters captured in ink.

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