T h e   S e v e r e s t   I n k s   S h o r t s

A near-silent young girl is threatened by a brutal, beastly drug lord… RED
A forensic pathologist is consumed by his unrequited feelings for a colleague… DR CRAINE’S BODY
A meth-addicted college student decides to get back at her drug dealing ex-boyfriend… FURTHER SOUTH
A lonesome American writer finds solace in an Arab Muslim herder… JUNE IN JULY
A lawless drifter turns a truck heist by two desert rats into much more than a minor score… MESA BOYS
A father tells his daughter of a bleaker past… GEORGIA ROUGE
A married woman faces the catalysts and fallouts of a casual act of flirtation… THE EXCHANGE
A dying man comes to terms with the end… GRAND FINALE

The Severest Inks Shorts collects eight stories from some of the boldest new writers on the scene today. Melding unflinching themes with innovative narratives, these works confront the rawest elements of the human condition through the potent short story form.

This anthology comes loaded with bonus material, including commentaries, special monochrome editions of original cover art and transcripts.

Compiled and Edited by Khalid Patel

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