Red 2015R E D

“If one is forced into a hell, one shall act as a devil.”

Welcome to Riverstones City. A sprawling squalor rife with violence, trafficking, larceny, prostitution, corruption. The rich reside in apathy above the poor. The police and the politicians make their fortunes by gazing the other way.

The most notorious district is Forest Heights. Home to the hopeless. The neglected. The crazy. The divine and the demonic. But mostly demonic… Twisted souls, making parasitical livings through theft, fear and threat.

A streetwise, book-smart 12-year-old girl they call Red quietly traverses the urban guts of this city in a scorching summer evening. Nerves are high. Tensions simmer. And when a beastly, brutal rival of her incarcerated father hunts her down, Red must act fast to survive the night.

Khalid Patel’s stark neo-noir short story, Red, is sculpted from cutting-edge prose bursting with evocative imagery. A sharp, dark echo of a legendary yarn, Red is an innovative, intoxicating thrill-ride loaded with smart twists and atypical dialogue, and features possibly one of the coolest female characters committed to ink.

“S’matter? …… You a-scared?”

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